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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to my new blog Spot

Yes I have had a few of them in the past and they are probably still hanging out somewhere I just don't recall where at the moment. Anyway, welcome to my new blog spot I will be keeping this updated hopefully much better than before I am really not good at posting blogs. The things you will not see here.....What I am having for breakfast, how many times I peed today so far, what my medical issues might be, How cute my dog was today (unless I took pictures of him) or if I got laid last night or not.

Those of you that know me...know that I am not about telling all my personal crap online. I find it a little arrogant that people would want to know all the boring crap that goes on in my life and the exciting stuff well it's just none of your business lol.

Here is what you will find....ALOT of pictures. I am very particular about the images I display anywhere. I am not just another guy with a camera. I like my techniques that I use some are considered unorthodox to some people and they don't like it (that is ok with me, everyone is a critic, especially if they have no talents of their own) there are alot of people that do like my style and art and I say thank you to you all.

I have been in the photography world for most of my adult life in one way or another either as a hobbiest for a very long time, a semi professional photographer and a professional photographer. No matter what you want to label it what I know is I love this art. Some of my happiest times are behind a camera. I love capturing beauty in all forms. That is not to say that everything I shoot is considered beautiful but it is relative to a persons taste not what some critic says.

I respect the work of others, even if it is not my particular taste I do not express my opinion of their work in a negative way. We as artists are all passionate about our art! If someone else doesn't like your style, your vision, your creative flair...........Screw 'em you didn't do it for them you did it for you. Now that is not to say if you have a client that wants something specific you should have that attitude. Once they agree to pay you......You are obliged to bend to their tastes and you never know you might find something in it that you like as well.

Be advised there will be nudity on this site so if you do want to see nudity, if it offends you in anyway, I am not going to apologize for it I am one of those people that believe the female form is one of the most beautiful works of art ever so if it offends you.....THEN JUST DON'T LOOK AT IT! it is actually a pretty simple concept.

So thank you again for stopping by and viewing my blog. You can also visit my website which is currently under construction at other things that you will see here is projects that I am undertaking or finishing up depending on what they are.